7 steps to easier eBay shipping

If you're like me, you probably hate packing and shipping the things you sell on eBay. Don't get me wrong, I love selling on eBay. I just don't like, the shipping part. I find it monotonous to hunt for boxes, wrap the items, drive back and forth from the post office, and all the other steps involved in shipping.

1. Professional Wrapping

When you wrap your item(s), wrap it professionally in nice, clean tissue paper. If breakable,
Be sure the item is wrapped with bubble wrap as well. Include a business card with your
website information, name, address, or a printed statement showing the item(s) name, item
(s) number, price paid, and a small hand-written note thanking the buyer for their purchase.


2. Insurance
Insurance is usually idea, but in general, it should be an optional feature, with
The decision left to the buyer. Remember two important things about insurance. First, insurance is
VERY inexpensive. Therefore, in your description, you should state how much insurance would
Cost and recommend it. Second, you should also state in the description that if insurance is not
Purchased, you are not responsible for lost or damaged items.


3. Weighing
In order to provide accurate details and help in determining shipping costs, you need to know
Exact weights. The best option, which will save you many unnecessary trips to the post office,
is to purchase a inexpensive quality scale for weighing your packages.


4. Postage
Instead of always running out of stamps or having to run to the post office to ship a smaller item,
fill out the information located at stamps.com where you can print stamps directly from your home computer.


5. Post Office Freebies
If you use the Priority Mail option through your post office, they will provide all your supplies for free.
This includes boxes, labels, and tape. Best of all, they deliver all these supplies directly to your door.
Get them at your local post office or go to USPS.com request mailing supplies.


6. Ship-To Locations
Be sure to consider where you will ship to carefully. You will have buyers from around the world but
You can limit where you will ship. Some people prefer to ship to the US, Canada, and European countries while others ship anywhere.
The option is completely yours but keep in mind that there are some differences in how you wrap the
Package, the currency exchanges, and communication barriers between you and the buyer.


7. Delivery Confirmation
Unfortunately, some buyers will try to say they paid for item, but never received the auction item(s).
When shipping, you should consider using delivery confirmation. This service is generally inexpensive
And can end up saving you a ton, especially if the item(s) is higher priced.
Do yourself a favor and put these tips into action – you’ll save yourself both time and hassles. Use the
Time you save to get more listings up, and watch your eBay income grow.

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