The fallen mind knows by thinking, but the Spirit does not think; The Spirit’, is eternally in a perpetual perfect state of absolute nothingness;
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And when the mind learns to become still, it will instantly come into absolute nothingness; therefore, it will begin to experience the organic-Koinonia.
That was it’s default in the garden. Intimacy was not a Divine gift; rather fellowship was man’s primordial right with the Father.
And until he realizes that Stillness, is the liberation of the mind and thinking is the limitation of the mind. He will never experienced liberty from the fakse doctrine of separation. John 8:32
Therefore; Be still! and know, that I Am! is the default hidin reality in you. Undeceive yourself from journeying outside of yourself for supernatural encounters. The spirit world is part and parcel of your human existence. God literally lives in you, and he constitutes your humanity.
Ps..Bishops #TranscendingTheLimits