ClickMagick-Online-Marketing “secret weapon”

ClickMagick is the next-generation funnel tracking and marketing optimization A platform that helps you generate more leads, conversions and revenues from the same traffic you're already getting. Get A 14-Day Free Trial


ClickMagick is an awesome tracking service that helps you to track your ads and focus
On where your most profitable clicks are coming from.

ClickMagick is the next-generation funnel tracking and marketing optimization
A platform that helps you generate more leads, conversions and revenues
From the same traffic you’re already getting. Get A 14-Day Free Trial


ClickMagick worth the money?

If you pay for traffic, the “link down” feature makes Clickmagick easily worth the
money even if your ads only go down a few times and you can redirect or pause them

Sign up for ClickMagick here. Sign up to be an affiliate for ClickMagick here.



Overall, Clickmagick is worth investing in. The tracking software boasts robust
Functionality and, apart from its sharp learning curve for a …

ClickMagick helps online businesses, particularly affiliate marketers and affiliate
marketing companies engaging a traffic exchange and the monitoring of sales funnels,
To gather actionable data.

In truth, however, it’s a useful tracking tool whether you’re looking for a landing page,
Email marketing, or a link management solution. Anyway, regardless of why you need to set
Up tracking links. Which, is easy to do with ClickMacick. You just have to click on the
“Links” tab and create your tracking link.

As we’ll talk about later in this review, bot traffic can be segmented  organic traffic.
This segmentation occurs through setting up a “Blocked URL”.

This blocked URL is where all traffic resulting from bot clicks will be sent, which helps
Ensure you only receive report data from quality traffic sources. In turn, giving you a
better idea of how your affiliate links are performing within your sales funnel or landing
Page by preventing fake clicks skewing reports on tracking links.

Link Tracking Software – Features to Note

Clickmagick gives you the functionality you need to track links. While doing so, you’ll have
a number of useful features at your disposal. For example, you can segment tracking links via
The calendar on the relevant dashboard. You can “Copy Tracking Link”(s) for convenience,
plus, you’ll also have the added bonus of the following features:

You’ll have the traditional methods at your disposal while trying to accomplish this task
Within your sales funnels. For example, you can track for “Pixels”, which is done using a
Conversion code that has been added to a page you wish to track.

Again, if you’re with a major ad network you may not be able to engage in “Pixel” tracking.
It’s important to also note that it’s possible to track conversions using Postback URLs
(Most accurate sales tracking method) as well as Sub-ID tracking.

You can inform Clickmagick’s system to automatically notify upon changes to your action
conversion rate,engagement,conversion rate, sales conversion rate, earnings per click, and
average customer value when they become less than or greater than a specified figure after
So many clicks.

Clickmagick offers four different “Rotator Modes”:

Fulfillment – clicks are only sent to the first URL in the rotator. Clickers can re-enter
The rotator until the rotator has reached its specified amount of unique clicks.
Spillover – clicks are sent to each URL in the rotator, one after the other, as repeat users
Enter the rotator.
Random – clicks are randomly sent to all active URLs.
Sequential – clicks are sent to a URL sequentially, then the process repeats itself. Sequential
rotators differ from spillover rotators in that a user will not visit each URL in the Sequential
Rotator one after the other.
Naturally, you can add pixels to your rotators to make identifying and segmenting clicks based on
Actions much easier. Also, it’s possible to set up email automation within your rotators.
You can do so using both plain text and HTML.

Geotargeting and filtering are available when tracking using rotators, and you can also blank
Referrals  so that they can’t locate the source of the traffic that you’re sending.

Track & Optimize Your Entire Sales Funnel

ClickMagick is much more than just a “link tracker”, and you can use it to easily track and
Optimize even the most elaborate sales funnel.

For example, ClickMagick Campaigns is our modern tracking solution that uses industry-standard
UTMs and “first party” cookies — which can’t be blocked — to effortlessly track your entire sales
Funnel with no tracking links or redirects.

It was built from the ground up for tracking and optimizing your Google, Facebook, YouTube, andOther paid ads … and you can have it up and running in about 5 minutes!



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