How to File Bankruptcy without an Attorney

In spite of an effective National Campaign by creditors, that fact is... Life after bankruptcy is not as difficult as often imagined or portrayed.

How to Stop Foreclosure

The Truth About Bankruptcy

The decision to file is intensely personal. It is yours and yours alone. Whatever,
Decision you make, be certain that is made With all the facts in hand.

Even so, whether or not to file Bankruptcy is one of the most difficult decisions that a person makes in today’s society.  Good decisions require accurate information.  The things that cause people to come to a point in their life where Bankruptcy becomes something to even be considered are many varied.  But at this point, we are not going to talk about how we got to that place, but rather, 

what to do about it– and to inform you of the true consequences.  We all know that bankruptcy is not a good thing.  It goes on your credit report and stays there for 10 to 12 years, and yes, for a year or two, if you apply for a loan, you will pay a higher interest rate.  

There’s no question, bankruptcy is not always the ideal solution, but it is often the best solution—  

and as we’ll see, it also is not an economic death sentence.

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    Because creditors know that you can’t file bankruptcy again for 8 years, they know they have plenty of time to collect any new debts that you may incur.  What this means is you can almost immediately, get the new financing on things that are important  credit cards, auto loans.  You can even get a new FHA home loan, 2 years after your discharge.  Again,

Its not ideal but it is in now way as bad as the financial industry would have you believe.


If you have any questions, please call Toll Free

877 604 6636 Extension 3

Please when calling reference Service ID MA76160


From Vivian in CA

Last Tuesday, I went for my appointment with the Creditors. After waiting for approximately 35 minutes, the interview took about 5 minutes. The Judge was very cordial. None of the Creditors were present. It was not stressful as I had anticipated. There were many people there for the same reason as me, so that gave me a level of comfort to know that I am not alone in this critical financial situation. 

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