How to get a Mortgage Reduction

Mortgage Reduction... ASN Can Help

How to get a Mortgage Reduction?

There is no shame in falling down… The only shame is in not getting
back up. Socrates

If you’re falling… ASN Can Help!

1. Are your mortgage payments too high?
If your payments are too high, it could be due either to the loan
Balance or to your interest rate. If it’s because of your loan balance,
it may be possible to lower your payments by reducing the principal loan balance.

2. Is your interest rate too high?
Maybe your payments are too high primarily because of the interest rate.
If you find the interest rate overly high – even if you are current on payments –
The bank may be willing to consider lowering your interest rate.


How to file Bankruptcy Without an Attorney
If you or someone you know is burdened with unaffordable house payments.

If you are buried and owe thousands more than it’s worth…

If you or someone you know is in need… LET US HELP!

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3. Do you owe more than the home is worth? Or is there too little equity to refinance?
This is a common problem: particularly in hard hit states like Ohio, Florida, and
California and some major cities like Baltimore, MD. If you have been turned down
for a refinance recently because you didn’t have enough equity, There’s good news:
a mortgage negotiator can help persuade the lender to work out an agreeable solution.

If you or someone you know is in need… LET US HELP!

4. Are you behind on your mortgage payments?
Depending on the situation, your lender may not take your case seriously until you are
Several months behind. However, there are certain other solutions available to you only
if you are current on your mortgage payments. Hence the importance of enlisting this
Service as early on as possible. You need help to keep all your options open as long as possible.

5. Are you are recovering from a crisis?
Were you recently between jobs, or are you recovering from an illness that caused you to
Fall behind on your mortgage payments? Do you believe you could keep up with.

Discharge All Debt and Keep All Your Assets

Mortgage payments and other bills from now on? Your lender may be willing to work out
Agreeable terms to keep you in your home.

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