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Cool-down Pro Neck Cooler


The neck fan hangs around the neck and is
just as lightweight and portable as a headset. If you’re working or shopping, the special handheld USB rechargeable-personal air conditioner may last 4 or 8 hours (or at varied speeds) thanks to its two integrated 1800 mAh polymer batteries, which can be recharged in 1.8 hours.
There are three different settings that can be adjusted: wind mode, low wind mode, and third

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Ecommerce – CoolDown Pro Neck Cooler

A revolutionary personal neck cooler which can turn big easily.

CoolDown Pro

* Instantly Cool Down And Feel Refreshed * Ergonomic Design With Gentle Pressure * Revolutionary Technology In Personal Cooling
* Very Silent With Futuristic Cold Pads Tech * With Different Cooling Levels * Portable, With Built-in Rechargeable Battery


This cooling fan uses semiconductor cooling technology for direct cooling. Within two seconds, the temperature difference caused by the semiconductor cooling chip’s current results in immediate cooling.
Portable – Comfortable neck protection and unused neck rack are provided by the soft silicone material with adjustable curved construction














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Dimensions 5 × 4 × 7 cm