we are the light bearers

David shouted when he obtained a glimpse of man's true nature. "Man is fearfully and wonderfully made or crafted by its God," she continued. And in these last days, man's real identity will be revealed, covering the globe like the sea's waters (Hab 2:14). Because the manifestation of God's offspring is what all of creation is eagerly anticipating.

*we are the light bearers*
We are the Luciferian race; a race of light bearers, a glorious privilege originally reserved for man; And wrongly attributed to Satan.
One of the highest revelations of the father’s identity as revealed by Jesus, is that “God is eternal Light” 1john 1;5.
This sacred light is the origin of man; and when a man discovers his true Origin, he will automatically discover his original identity.
Man is not just made of dust; he is the offspring of the light and also the bearer of the true Light on earth; Therefore, man is the holy Cherub of God on Earth.
When David was granted a glimpse of man’s true identity; he screamed! And said,
“man is fearfully and wonderfully made or crafted by its God!
And in these last days, the revelation of man’s true identity will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab 2:14).

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Continuation:  we are the light bearers

For the earnest expectation of all creation is for the manifestation of the offsprings of God
Know ye not that your human bodies are the temple of the holy Light?
And the holy light is God himself living in man? The mystery of godliness as captured in (tim 3:16) did not end with jessus but began with jessus as the head and the revelation of the real human race.
 In Spite of his perceived weakness and frail body; man is the bearer of this sacred treasure in his vessel. For he uses the so called weak things to reveal the glorious greatness of his essence
Ps. Bishops #transcendingLimits

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