Embracing the Romantic Within

Appreciating the Romantic Within. When you hear people talking about relationships, you often hear them mention the word ‘chemistry’. Why is it that people value chemistry with another person over compatibility?

Couple having a romantic dinner, hugging and clinking wine glasses at the beautifully decorated place illuminated with different lights the sandy beach at dusk

While jumping headfirst into ‘romance mode’ is fun and exciting, after a while it will start to become stale just like a relationship can.
Being romantic can always be fresh and fun as long and the couple understands what the motives are behind the romance and the underlying intentions.
Understanding romance is the most important part of being romantic.

When you decide that you want to begin being romantic, you usually take it slow and carefully consider what your partner likes and prefers when it
Comes to gifts, actions and gestures.

Each romantic expression should have a significant meaning behind it. How you are going to be romantic is far more important that why you are going
To be romantic.

The process of how you are going to be romantic, generally encompasses the ‘why’ in a much bigger way and is far more effective in conveying any message.


When you first met your spouse, you most likely experienced the ‘crush’ or ‘puppy love’ phase of your relationship.

While you may experience moments of similar feelings, it is almost impossible to recreate that feeling after spending years together.

However, you can always have passion with your spouse. Wouldn’t you agree that passion is much more desirable than ‘puppy love’?

When you hear people talking about relationships, you often hear them mention the word ‘chemistry’. Why is it that people value chemistry with another person over compatibility?

If you think about it, compatibility coupled with romance equals passion. Would you prefer basic chemistry or passion in your relationship?

When you look at your partner and you consider being romantic, try not to look too deeply into his or her gender.



Gender bias can really deflate a wonderful intention, especially when it comes to romance. Respect your spouse as the unique individual that he or she
is and never allow stereotypes to enter into your romantic intentions.

Never point out what you are doing, though! It will be noticed on some level by your spouse. Not only will it be noticed, but it will also be greatly appreciated.


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You need to remember that no one is perfect,especially when it comes to matters of the heart- this includes romance. You are not and will never be an expert at any point!

You will, however, learn and improve as time goes on. Your spouse will teach you through reactions and suggestions as long as you pay attention.

It is all worth the time and effort, as life passes by too quickly not to be a hopeless romantic.

No matter how many years you’ve been living with the same person, you may think that they don’t want romance but it’s not the case.

Everyone wants to have a tremendously rewarding and romantic relationship.


It’s not an exaggeration to include every single person on the planet.

The way in which romance is carried out is usually what makes each relationship unique and sometimes even a challenge!

Everything worthwhile takes a little bit of work, but what is more worthwhile than a lasting romance with your spouse?

You’ll discover that being a romantic makes both of you happier than most other people.



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