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Your Origin Is Your Religion

No man born of a woman has ever seen me
Take a good look at this picture; This still image is a representation of the body, mind, that most of you have come to identify as bishops! This body, is a sentient 5ft4 earthly vessel; a house or container. But this vessel is not the same as its owner or occupant. It’s possible you have met with this vessel, but none of you have ever met with the real occupant.
Before this sentient body was conceived, I am!
And after this body vanishes i am!
Before its birth and after its death,I am!
I am the holy manifestation of God in this earthen vessel.
We all have erroneously defined ourselves based on our identification with the body, forgetting the fact that we are not the vessel; we are the glorious holy treasure within the vessel. 2cor 5:16 we no longer identify men according to the body.
2cor 4:7 paraphrased from a spirits point of view, should have read, “we are the holy treasure of God in this earthen vessel”. Yes! We don’t have the treasure, we are the treasure of God in the body. We are that radiant majestic Spirit of sonship, that was always in the bosom of the Father, long before the creation of the world.