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How To Set Up SSL On WordPress Sites For Free 

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The two WordPress plugins are  Cloudflare  and a plugin called Really  Simple SSL?.
Both can be found for free in the WordPress plugin repository  and installed easily from within your WordPress dashboard.

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Further, you will learn

Get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
Install a plugin such as “Really Simple SSL” or “WP Encryption” on your WordPress site to handle the SSL configuration automatically.
Activate the plugin and follow the on-screen instructions to enable SSL on your site.
Verify the SSL certificate is correctly installed and your website is now served over HTTPS.
Update any hard-coded HTTP links within your site’s content to use HTTPS.



My solution of setting up SSL for free on any WordPress site uses a free  service called Cloudflare and two free WordPress plugins.


If you are not familiar with Cloudflare, it is a Content Distribution  Network (CDN), that offers a ton of additional services.
One of these  services is a free, flexible SSL certificate, that we are going to use.