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Fiverr Cash Monster 100Fiverrgigs

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There are a lot of authors on Fiverr looking for things like e-book
Covers and even mockups for their books. You don’t have to be a
graphic designer or Photoshop whiz to be able to create a great
Looking 3D book mockup. You can find a lot of templates on
Graphic River but you have to be careful with their usage and

There are also free templates on the internet if you search for them.


Fiverr was one of the sites I was experimenting with. I opened more
than a dozen accounts, selling different gigs and trying to see what
Works and what doesn’t.

Of course Fiverr initially pays you (only) $4 sale, so the key is not
To spend much time delivering the gigs, right?
The problem is that you still need to provide value to the buyer and
Nowadays, many of the Fiverr sellers (that you’ll be competing with!)
Are willing to put in a lot of time and effort into their Fiverr Gigs!

The best way to break into successful selling on Fiverr is to create an
An account that will be focused on one certain type of gigs.
Many people just sign in to Fiverr with Facebook, create random gigs
in different categories and hope for the best… We will do it the right way!